Managed IT Services

For Small and Mid-Sized Business Owners:
A new way to take care of your computers!

Bracco Systems Care acts as your internal IT department to provide routine computer system maintenance and includes unlimited technical support using our world-class remote support system.

With Systems Care we handle all computer-related issues, providing a single point of contact and accountability for all hardware, software and computer-related services. Every aspect of your company network is managed through our office.


Bracco understands your frustration at slow and unreliable computers and has developed a comprehensive solution to keep them secure and running smoothly. We will keep your servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices optimized by performing daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. This service includes:

  • Complete hardware, software, network and user audit
  • Real-time monitoring of network, system hardware and Windows Event Logs
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of your anti-virus
  • Deployment of Microsoft updates with rollback capability
  • Prevention and removal of spyware/malware
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring of hard disks
  • Scheduled reports with asset inventory and performance history

The most successful companies know what they do best hire experts to take care of the rest. By using outsourcing as an overall management strategy, companies can focus company resources on the primary business of the organization.

Systems Care includes comprehensive monitoring of your systems and network-based equipment, as well as an inclusive management schedule that will keep your team productive. Systems Care utilizes proven technology to automate many tasks and delivers the expertise of our entire company directly to your office. Bracco's certified technicians will keep your servers up-to-date with the latest software patches, hardware firmware, and security fixes. By monitoring and recording the status and statistics of all the devices on a network, we can proactively plan for capacity issues, respond to changing needs and handle any problems before they become emergencies.

Designed with Small Businesses in mind:

Proactive Maintenance– Systems Care utilizes industry recognized best practices to keep your computers secure and operating at maximum efficiently World-Class IT Support– We have invested in a support system that is normally found only in Fortune® 500 companies; we help Small Businesses experience the benefits of computer system automation and proactive maintenance. Weekly and Monthly Reports– You will receive scheduled reports via email with confirmation of all maintenance performed, problems resolved and recommended actions to prevent future issues.

Our Guarantee

Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with Systems Care service, you can exit the partnership. No strings attached. In fact, we'll even help you make the transition. That's how confident we know you will be delighted with our service.

Contact us today for a free, 1-hour on-site consultation to learn more about Bracco Systems Care.


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Network Services

Planning, Installation and Support

Bracco specializes in networking systems for the small business. After reviewing your requirements we can design a network for your needs, implement maintenance procedures, set up backup and security systems. We can also save you money with a service agreement so that you can be secure in the knowledge that your network is protected. Whether you need a simple shared printer between two computers or you want to connect up remote sites and a mobile sales force - we have the expertise and the tools.

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Software Development

Bracco has, through thousands of hours of research and development, acquired a clear understanding of the role software should play in enhancing your companies profitability. And since our suite of services  includes all aspects of design, existing software integration, complete documentation and on-site training your solution won't suffer from missing pieces.

We work with a large selection of  3rd party products in a number of industry segments including legal, medical, travel, real estate, construction, winery. Bracco Software Development utilizes a thorough complement of the latest available technologies. We are technology neutral and not tied to any particular vendor’s products. We can evaluate your requirements and provide the best solution to meet your critical business needs without bias for any particular platform or technology.

The Development Process

Software Design and Production  Reviews take place at your company and over the Web that evolve a design from rough draft to the polished concept that your company's brand and message demands. We close the review loop with system and process recommendations (including alternative product offerings) and provide an implementation plan that offers objective findings and recommendations based on your business needs. The completed concept is then carried through the production phase.

Bracco can transfer the project to your internal staff or offer ongoing support, according to your needs.

Integrating  With Your Existing Software

The growth of an information infrastructure, like the growth of the organization relying on it, often takes on a life of its own. One change necessitates others; for example, adding Internet email can lead to upgrading the business mail system, which can lead to upgrading the entire network and system infrastructure. Select people throughout an organization have system expertise in their particular functional area, but no one seems to have a handle on the big picture. We explore all facets of your organization; goals, business processes, corporate culture, and information technology needs. Applying this knowledge, we work with you to assess where you are and where you want to be, recommending technology-based strategies to get you there.

In some instances, it is more appropriate to build on existing software utilities rather than program a custom built solution. There may be a need to apply contacts, emails, and other vital information in functions not available in the current software. Many companies would like to achieve this while maintaining their current software. Customization of these tools and plug-in applications allow them to have the additional features without completely migrating to a new tool. 

Bracco also provides the fixes and tweaks to data management and computation utilities such as database and spreadsheet programs. Common needs include database re-design, Microsoft Access fixes, importation and exportation, and macros. 

Becoming Self-Sufficient: A principle advantage of tool customization is that employees are already familiar with the core product being used and most additions made by Bracco are transparent. This enables employees to quickly adapt to new features and maintain the software themselves. 

Mailing, Emailing, Faxing, Dialing: Automating mailing duties saves time and ensures accuracy. Bracco can integrate your current address database (or email program) with our solutions for sending newsletters, mailing bills, making phone call reminders or faxing brochures. 

Documentation: Automated document system queries user for information, using simple forms, and builds documents in variety of output formats according to templates.

Maximizing Your Existing Infrastructure

Existing Software Integration  The growth of an information infrastructure, like the growth of the organization relying on it, often takes on a life of its own. One change necessitates others; for example, adding Internet email can lead to upgrading the business mail system, which can lead to upgrading the entire network and system infrastructure. Select people throughout an organization have system expertise in their particular functional area, but no one seems to have a handle on the big picture. We explore all facets of your organization; goals, business processes, corporate culture, and information technology needs. Applying this knowledge, we work with you to assess where you are and where you want to be, recommending technology-based strategies to get you there.

Integrating  With 3rd Party Software

Bracco can evaluate and select 3rd party products for your industry and integrate with your existing systems, perform customizations and train your staff.

Examples of 3rd Party Products We Use

  • PracticeMaker Medical Office Management System
  • EZNotes
  • Melenium
  • MediMac® Medical Practice Management Systems
  • McKesson Medical Practice Management Systems
  • ChiroMac®  Chiropractic Practice Management Systems
  • Quickbooks Accounting
  • Quickbase Sales Tracking, Collaboration
  • Peachtree
  • Sage
  • Microsoft Small Business Manager

Integrating  Open Source Software

Many large companies utilize open source software, such as Linux, for their enterprise systems. Many also use open source platforms, development tools and databases to build software products. Our engineers used to work for these companies, now they work for you. We have the experience working with open source platforms and development tools. These are openly available products some of which are robust, well tested and enterprise quality (the ones we use). They are free to low cost. These products are typically out of reach to the average computer consulting firm or small business due to the high level of expertise required to integrate them. Bracco engineers are familiar with these products and how and when to exploit them. There is a significant cost savings which we pass along to you.

Low Overhead

Bracco operates with minimal overhead. Most of our staff and associates work from home offices (using Bracco collaboration tools). We don’t pay high rent on office space and our advertising is all word of mouth. We keep costs down and pass the savings on.



As part of our Custom development services, complete documentation is provided to support the users:

  • How your software works and how users do their work
  • Maximize user effectiveness
  • Information is clear, concise and consistent
  • Users locate exactly what they need, when they need it
  • People learn how to get their jobs done, quickly and easily

The documentation deliverables include:

  • Online help and Quick reference
  • Reference and Training manuals
  • User guides and procedures

Examples of the Industries We Serve         


  • Inventory, bar-code system


  • Reporting
  • Equipment Management


  • Project Management - Tracking, Reporting, Budgeting...
  • Project Costing


  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Online Sales
  • Point of Sale


  • Case tracking / Document Management
  • Presentations
  • Time and Billing
  • Calendaring
  • Electronic records management


  • Patient Record Management
  • Billing & Insurance
  • Patient Scheduling
  • HIPAA practice solutions
  • Electronic records management

Graphics Design / Publishing

  • Storage Systems
  • Storage Area Networks

Travel Agents

  • Client Tracking
  • Client Profiles

Real Estate

  • Property Listing Management
  • Document Management

Hotel Management

  • Reservations Systems


  • Student Record Systems
  • Grading System
  • Registration

Government Agencies      

  • Document Management (XML/SGML)


Examples of the Technologies We Use


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • Apple - OS x


  • Java
  • Visual Basic
  • C
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • JSP / Servlet
  • CGI
  • J2EE
  • Web Services / SOAP
  • Application Servers from Apache, IBM, BEA, Borland, JBOSS
  • Web Servers from Microsoft, Apache, IBM
  • Adobe Photoshop and Corel graphics production


  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Informix
  • Access
  • SQL Server
  • My SQL

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Database Applications

The Database is the core of most small business applications. Database centric systems provide for centralization, managing transactions, multiple user access, backup, automation, ease of access, minimal redundant information, exporting data and logging activity.

Bracco Systems is adept at building systems, using Industry Standard systems and practices, to provide the most efficient and usable infrastructure for your business systems. We can do custom solution or customize off-the-shelf packages for you. There are advantages and limitations to each approach and implications for maintenance, licensing, etc. Bracco has the experience to know which will provide the best bang for the buck for your requirements. Bracco will select the development tools and environment that is most suitable to your requirements and budget. We can also help you select the best licensing terms for your usage patterns.

Common Tasks:

  • Design of a custom graphical application to connect with a network database server such as MS-SQL Server or Oracle 8i (among others)
  • Macro scripting code to automatically create documents in MS Word or MS Excel using data from a network database
  • Creation of custom accounting programs based on MS Excel
  • Custom scripting to add special functions to Outlook
  • Web Client accessing centralized database over Internet/intranet

Custom database design is available for all platforms. Database design services will include planning of the database, graphic design of the user interface, creation and coding of the database, importing of existing data (or connection to existing data sources), and full documentation. Database design may include development of the database as a stand-alone product, a synchronized set of databases, or as the user interface to a network database server.

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Web Systems and Online Presence
Design - Develop - Market - Host - Support

The right graphics and design can vastly improve the quality of your site. Bracco Systems can design a Website that is as useable as it is appealing. We follow proven design conventions and guidelines to assure that your site is simple to navigate and appealing to look at.

We can incorporate your existing company logo and colors in the graphic design of your website. Or, if your company is new, we can help you to design a logo and a professional website to match.

A content management system based approach allows your team to change the content of the site yourself, without a web designer.

Need some word-smithing to make your website come off just right? Or some new brochures, sales letters and other promotional pieces that coordinate with your new on-line presence? We can connect you with a writer who can pull it all off -- on target, on time, on budget.

We can prepare and optimize your website for search engines

Guide to a Successful Web Site

  • Establish a clear message for your Internet presence
  • Offer a service or provide information that will draw users to your site
  • Half the battle is being able to properly publicize your site -SEO and Social Networking
  • Constantly update the information on your site to attract repeat connections
  • Encourage and respond to user feedback

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Turnkey Computer Systems

Bracco can select the right servers, clients, network components, software and peripherals to run your systems.  After thorough evaluation of your needs, geographic makeup, special user requirements we can specify a complete Network, Systems & Software configuration tailored to your company.

  • Planning and Product Selection
  • Installation - Upgrade
  • System Moves
  • Trouble-Shooting and Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving on all networks and PCs
  • Hardware installation and support
  • Virus and spyware removal and protection
  • Security solutions
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Remote access
  • Server installations and upgrades
  • Spam filtering and e-mail solutions
  • Internet connection
  • Web content filtering
  • System backups, onsite and offsite
  • Complete network management and support
  • Site disaster recovery planning
  • Help desk

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Consulting Services

Bracco can be your outsourced CIO, to help your management team with planning, project management and technology selection. We have experience running operations up to $16M annual budget, and have led successful outsourcing and in-sourcing efforts. Call for information.


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In today's environment of increasing systems complexity the need for effective personnel training becomes an integral factor in achieving operational success. We develop and present training to help our clients successfully rollout their new systems and applications.

Our training services can help your staff be more productive. From basic computer skills to advanced network management, financial and business applications, our programs are tailored to your business, your needs and your level of expertise.

Our services include:

  • Define the tasks that require training
  • Determine appropriate format and media for task and audience
  • Prepare training material – handouts, workbooks, presentations, online materials
  • Arrange for facilities
  • Conduct training
  • Lab and classroom sessions

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed Backup Solutions tailored to your environment

Combined on and off site backups give the best of both worlds - quick restore of image in case of failure and off site storage for disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Local (on-site) backup
  • Off-site backup for disaster recovery
  • Proactive Monitoring of backups
  • Mapped Drive for file sharing
  • Client Dashboard for backup status

  • Value add - get a shared network drive for simple sharing of data across remote locations

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